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词汇与结构/ Vocabulary and structure(15分)


1.Last weekend, an English short play wasin the school hall.

A. put in B. put down

C. put on D. put up

2.Today is Fathers Day. My mother a special dinner for my grandpa now.

A. prepareB. prepared

C. is preparingD. will prepare

3.A: Peoplego to the markets to buy living chickens to eat, but now they have to change that habit.

B: Thats true. But I think everything will be better.

A. used to B. are used to

C. use to D. are used

4.——We know there are lots of ways to avoid getting H1N1.

——Yes, but in a word, we should care for our health at any time.()

A. in shortB. no doubt

C. in detailD. in fact

5.Find the lowest mortgageavailable in your area by using our free search tool.

A. rates B. height

C. placement D. partitions

6.He speaks Englishthan any other student in his class.

A. better B. good

C. well D. best

7.When hehome, he saw his mother cleaning the room.

A. got upB. got back

C. got offD. got on

8.The Changjiang River is the river in China.

A. longB. longest

C. shortD. shortest

9.Itme two hours to get there by bus.

A. spent B. took

C. used D. paid

10. “Its really very kind you to help me with the housework on Sundays,” said Grandma Huang.

A. ofB. with

C. forD. from

11. Sam Chinese since he came to China. He speaks good Chinese now.

A. learnsB. learned

C. has learnedD. will learn

12. ——The pet dog in your hand is very nice. Is it ?

——Yes, but Ill give it to my friend, Lucy, as birthday present.

A. you; herB. yours; hers

C. yours; herD. you; hers

13. My grandpa for a walk after dinner every day.

A. went B. goes

C. is going D. go

14. Liu Xiang by his coach to train regularly.

A. advisedB. advises

C. was advisedD. be advised

15. He wanted to know the English party.

A. when will we haveB. when we will have

C. when would we haveD. when we would have〖=2〗

Ⅱ. 完形填空/Close(20分)


One day a rich woman lost her purse with a lot of money in it. So she made a 16, “If anybody finds my purse and 17 it to me, Ill give half the money to him.”

A poor man 18 the purse near a shop. He sent it back to the woman, but the rich woman 19. “There was an expensive ring in my purse besides money,” said the woman, “I wont give you half the money in my purse until you return it to me.” “But Ive never seen an expensive ring in 20 purse,” said the man.

They began to quarrel. The man became 21 and took her to a judge. 22 the judge heard what had happened to them, he said to the woman, “Im sure that you have lost a purse, and there is an expensive ring in it. But there is 23 a lot of money in this purse. So I dont think its yours. 24 some time. Maybe somebody will give your purse back.”

Then the judge 25 to the man and said, “Take the purse home. If the owner doesnt come to get it back in two days, it will be yours.”

16. A. faceB. mistake

C. promiseD. conversation

17. A. getsB. shows

C. pointsD. returns

18. A. hadB. knew

C. heardD. found

19. A. kept her wordB. changed her mind

C. tried her bestD. pulled her down

20. A. yourB. her

C. hisD. my

21. A. sadB. angry

C. excitedD. worried

22. A. BeforeB. Though

C. AfterD. If

23. A. onlyB. truly

C. nearlyD. really

24.A. Wait forB. Listen to

C. Look afterD. Talk about

25. A. ranB. came

C. wentD. turned



1.C[解析] put in意为:正式提出,申请、履行等,put down意为:放下、镇压,put on意为:穿上、演出,put up意为:举起、提供。根据an English short play.可知应是“演出”,故选C。

2.C[解析] 句意:今天是父亲节,我的妈妈现在正在为祖父准备一顿特别的晚餐。本题考查现在进行时的用法。now是现在进行时的标志,所以排除B项和D项;A项为动词原形,和My mother在数上不一致,故也被排除。故选C。

3.A[解析] used to表示“过去经常干……”,be used to表示“习惯……”,be used for表示“用……做……”, 所以选A。

4.A[解析] in a word意为“总而言之”;A项意为“总之,简言之”;B项意为“无疑,必定”;C项意为“详细地”;D项意为“事实上”,结合题意,A项正确。

5.A[解析] mortgage rate是“按揭利率”的意思,符合题意,故本题正确答案为A。

6.A[解析] 根据than可知应该用形容词的比较级,所以答案选A.

7.B[解析] get back home 表示“回到家”,A、C、D不合句意。

8.B[解析] 考查形容词最高级。根据常识可知,长江是中国最长的河流,应用longest,故选B。

9.B[解析] 注意固定的句型,it takes sb. some time to do sth./sb. spend…. on/(in)v-ing sth.表示“花时间干某事”,sb. spend…. on/(in)v-ing sth., sth. cost…, sb. buy sth. for…表示“花钱干某事”。

10. A[解析] 考查介词的用法。表示真心地感谢他人的帮助时,可用“Its very kind of sb. to…”,故选A。

11. C[解析] 根据句中since引导的时间状语从句可知,主句应使用现在完成时,故选C。

12. C[解析] 本题考查名词性物主代词和形容词性物主代词的用法和区别,前者后面不用加名词,后者需要加名词,根据句意,本题正确答案为C。

13. B[解析] 选项是同一个动词go的不同时态,根据every day可以判断应该用一般现在时,My grandpa是单数,所以用goes,答案选B。

14. C[解析] 本题考查动词的被动语态。动词的被动语态结构为“be+动词的过去分词”,be根据不同的时态发生相应的变化。全句意为:刘翔的教练建议他进行有规律的训练。

15. D[解析] 句意:他想知道我们什么时候举办英语联欢会。本题考查宾语从句的用法。当主句是一般过去时的时候,宾语从句的时态应与主句相一致,且应用陈述句序,故本题选D。


16. C[解析] make a promise许下诺言;make a face做鬼脸;make a mistake犯错误;make a conversation会话。根据上下句语境,可知应选C项。

17. D[解析] 句意:如果有人发现了我的钱包,并还给我,我将把(钱包里)一半的钱送给他。没有get sth. to sb.的用法,故排除A项;show…to把……给……看;point…to把……指向;return…to把……还给。

18. D[解析] 由下半句“他把钱包还给了那个女人”可以知道他找到了丢失的钱包。

19. B[解析] 由下文中“我不会把(钱包里)一半的钱给你”可知这个女人改变了主意。

20. A[解析] 根据上下文,可知“在你的钱包里我从来没有看到过一枚昂贵的戒指”。

21. B[解析] 由前句“他们开始争吵”可知道这个男人变得很生气。

22. C[解析] 由后半句“Im sure that you have lost a purse”可知,这是法官听完发生在他们之间的事情后作的结论,故本空选C。

23. A[解析] 根据下文“所以我认为这个钱包不是你的,因为钱包里没有戒指”可知上句应是“钱包里只有很多钱”。

24. A[解析] 根据下文“也许有人会把钱包还给你”可知本空应该是叫那个女人“等(一段时间)”。

25. D[解析] 根据生活常识,法官不会走过来也不会跑过去,而应是转向男人。

Ⅲ. 阅读理解/Reading comprehension(50分)


The following are three ads.

Driver Wanted

1. Clean driving license

2. Goodlooking

3. Age over 25

Apply(申请) to: Capes Taxi, Shenzhen

Tel: 07556561382

Air Hostess(空姐)Wanted

1. Age between 20 and 33

2. Height from 1.6m to 1.75m

3. Two foreign languages

4. College graduate

Apply to: China airlines, Beijing

Tel: 01088488970

Teacher Needed

For private language school

Teaching experience necessary

Apply to: Instant Languages Ltd, Dalian

Tel: 04114313861

26. If you want to work in the south, you can apply for a job as .

A. a driverB. an air hostess

C. a teacher D. all of the above

27. You may call when you wish to be a teacher.

A. 07556561382B. 04114313861

C. 01088488970D. A and B

28. Mary, aged 26, knows English and Japanese. Which job can be given to her?

A. Driving for Capes Taxi.B. Working for China Airlines.

C. Teaching at Instant Languages Ltd.D. None of the above.

29. What prevents Jack, an experienced taxi driver, working for Capes Taxi?

A. Liking beer and wine.

B. Breaking traffic rules.

C. being unable to speak a foreign language.

D. not having college education.

30. Which of the following is not mentioned in the three ads?

A. Hostess B. driver

C. teacher D. doctor


One day Jacks wife was cleaning out a closet(壁橱).

“Look at all these umbrellas,” she said to Jack. “There are eight and they are all broken.”

“Ill take them to the umbrella shop and have them mended,” Jack said.

Jack took the eight umbrellas to the shop and left them there. “Theyll be ready tomorrow,” the shopkeeper said.

That evening Jack went home from the office by bus as usual. He sat next to an old woman. She had an umbrella on the floor near her.

When the bus reached his stop, he picked up her umbrella and stood up. “Hey!” the woman said. “Thats my umbrella!”

“Im sorry,” Jack said, and at the same time he gave the umbrella to her. “I wasnt thinking. Please excuse me.”

The next day he got back the umbrellas from the umbrella shop and got on the bus.

As he sat down, a voice behind him said, “You certainly have a successful day!”

He turned around and saw the woman whose umbrella had almost been taken by him the day before.

31. Jacks wife foundumbrellas in the closet.

A. eight broken B. broken eight

C. eight new D. new eight

32. had the broken umbrellas mended in the umbrella shop.

A. Jacks wife B. Jack

C. The shopkeeper D. The old woman

33. That evening the old womans umbrella was almost taken by.

A. the shopkeeper B. Jacks wife

C. Jack D. the driver

34. The next day Jack saw the woman.

A. in the shop B. at home

C. on the train D. on the bus

[Yao_page]35. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Jack had an umbrella shop.

B. The womans umbrella was Jacks.

C. The woman thought Jack was a thief.

D. Jack bought eight umbrellas from the shop again.


“I would almost rather see you dead.” Bobert S. Cassatt, a leading banker of Philadelphia, shouted when his twentyyearold eldest daughter announced that she wanted to become an artist. In the 19th century, playing at drawing or painting on dishes was all right for a young lady, but serious work in art was not. And when the young lady’s family racked among the best of Philadelphia’s social families, such an idea could not even be considered.

That was how Mary Cassatt, born 1844, began her struggle as an artist. She did not tremble before her father’s anger, she opposed him with courage and at last made him change his mind. Mary Cassatt gave up her social position and all thoughts of a thousand and a family, which in those times was unthinkable for a young lady. In the end, after long years of hard work and perseverance, she became America’s most important woman artist and the internationally recognized leading woman painter of the time.

36. How did Mr Cassatt react when his daughter made her announcement?

A. He feared for her life. B. He was very angry.

C. He nearly killed her. D. He warned her.

37. What in fact was Mr Cassatt’s main reason in opposing his daughter’s wish?

A. Drawing and painting was simply unthinkable among ladies in those days.

B. He did not believe his daughter wanted to work seriously in art.

C. He believed an artist’s life would be too hard for his daughter.

D. Ladies of good families simply did not become artists in those times.

38. What made Mary Cassatt’s “struggle” to become a recognized artist especially hard?

A. She was a woman.

B. Her father opposed her.

C. She had no social position.

D. She didn’t come from an artist’s family.

39. What do we know about Mary Cassatt’s marriage?

A. Her marriage failed because she never gave a thought to her husband and family.

B. She never married because she did not want to be just a wife and mother.

C. After marriage she decided to give up her husband rather than her career.

D. She did not marry because for a lady of her social position to marry below her was unthinkable.

40. What do we know about Robert Cassatt’s character from the text?

A. He was a cruel man. B. He was a stubborn (固执的) man.

C. He knew nothing about art. D. He knew little about his daughter.


Are you going to high school to go on with your study? What will you do if you cant? Dont worry. Vocational schools are open for you because our country is in need of people with special skills.

Compared with common high schools, vocational schools have more advantages. Firstly, in order to promote the development of vocational education, our country spends a lot of money on it. So you need to pay only a smaller half of the school fee. Secondly, in here you have already started learning practical skills that you can use all your life. But some other students may still worry about how to spend the long three years at high schools. Why? Because they didnt choose the school that suits them. And finally, when they are still wondering where to go, you are already able to live on your own hands proudly. And perhaps it wont be long before you are on the road to success.

People take different roads because they have different potentials. So different students should choose different schools. Go to high school if you think that you can go farther on that road. Choose a key high school if you are lucky enough to have the chance. Enter a vocational school if you are interested in the lessons there and you are better at making things with your hands.

In a word, think carefully and see what kind of person you are. Remember, always choose things that suit you.

41. What does the second paragraph talk about?

A. The future of vocational schools.

B. How to learn a skill.

C. The advantages of vocational schools.

D. How to succeed.

42. The underlined word “practical” here means “”.

A. fairB. useful

C. poorD. safe

43. Vocational school students can than students who choose a high school carelessly.

A. spend more moneyB. be more worried

C. get more knowledgeD. have fewer chances to succeed

44. What can we learn from the passage?

A. People should take the same road.

B. Key high school students must be good at making things.

C. Clever students are better at using their hands.

D. We should choose things that suit us.

45. This passage is written to .

A. advise some students to choose vocational schools

B. talk about the advantages of common high schools

C. discuss how to divide students into different groups

D. compare different schools


The first walk into outer space was taken by a Soviet astronaut. Astronaut Zhai Zhigang became the first Chinese to walk in space on September 27, 2008. It showed that it was quite safe for a man to be outside the spaceship for a certain period of time. But to walk in space, astronauts have to meet with many kinds of difficulties and dangers.

The spaceship goes round the earth at an altitude of about 200 kilometers above its surface. At such altitudes there is no atmosphere which protects the life on the earth. The conditions of outer space are very harmful to man.

The boiling point of liquids goes down with pressure. But pressure outside the spaceship is nearly zero. In such conditions the decompression of the spacesuit may cause the boiling of the blood and quick death. There is radiation from space and it is harmful.

Breathing problems in space can be solved with the help of the spacesuit. Another problem is heat. Man gives off heat in the course of his activity, and the harder the labor is, the greater the amount of heat is. In space unless special measures are taken, the heat inside the spacesuit would make the conditions difficult.

46. 根据短文内容,完成下面的句子。(每空一词)(3分)

Zhai Zhigang became the first Chinese astronaut in space on September 27, 2008.

47. 根据短文内容,完成下面的句子。(每空一词)(3分)

The altitude is so that there is no atmosphere which protects the life on the earth. At the same time, the astronauts usually meet with some problems, such as problem, radiation problem, breathing problem, heat problem and so on.

48. 将画线的句子翻译成汉语。(4分)



26. A[解析] 每个广告中的Apply to中都有工作的地址,三个城市只有深圳是南方,所以选A。

27. B[解析] 第三个广告是招老师的,电话是0411-4313861,所以答案选B。

28. B[解析] Mary会两门外语,年龄也符合空姐的要求,所以B最合适。

29. B[解析] A虽然对于司机来说并不是好习惯,但是只要不在开车前喝酒就没有问题,而且关键是第一个广告没有提到这一点,容易主观臆断选上。B符合广告的第一条,所以是正确答案。CD文中都没有提到。

30. D[解析] 三个广告分别是招聘司机、空姐和老师,没有提到医生。所以答案选D。

31. A[解析] 首先根据文意知道Jack的妻子从橱柜里找到了八把旧伞,C、D项都不对,按照正确的语序,应该选A。

32. B[解析] 是Jack把伞拿到店里去修的,所以答案选B。

33. C[解析] Jack下车的时候错拿了老太太的伞,所以答案选C。

34. D[解析] 第二天Jack取回雨伞回家的时候,又在公交车上偶遇了昨天的那个老太太。所以答案选D。

35. C[解析] A句意为Jack有家雨伞店,显然不对。B句意为那个老太太的雨伞是Jack的,也不对,那把伞是老太太的,是Jack拿错了。C句意为老太太以为Jack是个小偷,根据老太太说“You certainly have a successful day!”可知,老太太以为他拿的雨伞都是今天顺手牵羊牵来的,所以这个选项是对的。D句意为Jack又从雨伞店买了八把伞,那些伞是他从家里拿去修的而不是买的。所以答案选C。

36. B[解析] 从开头第一句他说的那句话“我宁愿看到你死了!”可以看出他很生气。所以答案选B。

37. D[解析] 根据下文可以看出,对于一个生长在上层社会家庭的女性来说,这样的想法是不能有的,因此答案选D。

38. A[解析] 同上。

39. B[解析] 根据排除法,ACD文中都没有提到这个意思,所以答案选B。

40. D[解析] 虽然Robert Cassatt不同意他女儿的决定,但是最后还是改变了当初的想法,所以并不固执。文章没有提到他有什么残酷的行径,也没有提到他懂不懂艺术。而当初不同意是因为他并不够了解自己的女儿。所以答案选D。

41. C[解析] 主旨大意题。第二段主要介绍了职业学校的优势。

42. B[解析] 猜测词义题。学生可以根据上下文猜测该单词的意思。根据第二段第四句,“Secondly, in here you have already started learning practical skills that you can use all your life.”该句译为:其次,你在这里学到的实用技能可以让你受益终生。所以这样的技能应是“有用的”,故答案为B。

43. C[解析] 推理判断题。相对于一个随便选择了一所高中的学生来说,职业学校的学生可以学到更多的知识。

44. D[解析] 推理判断题。作者要告诉我们的最主要的信息就是:人要选择适合自己的东西。

45. A[解析] 主旨大意题。作者写这篇文章的主要目的是建议部分学生根据自己的实际情况选择上职业学校学习一项技能,而不要盲目地选择上普通高中。

46. that walked

47. high, pressure

48. 在太空里,除非采取特殊措施,否则宇航服里的热量问题会导致(宇航员的生存)条件非常险恶。

Ⅳ. 完成句子/Complete the sentence(10分)


49. My friend gave me a nice (手表) for my birthday.

50. I will (写) an email to my cousin in Canada.

51. Nancy is too young to look after (她自己).

52. ——I passed the last exam yesterday.

——Oh, youre really a (幸运) dog.

53. Many students think that teenagers should be (允许) to choose their own clothes.

Ⅴ. 补全对话/Finish the dialogues(10分)


A:Whats the date today?

B:Its June 16.

A:54 Then its the Dragon Boat Festival today, isnt it?

B:Yes. 55

A:Did you have rice dumplings this morning?

B:Sure. 56

A:I didnt.

B:What a pity! But I happen to have got some with me. 57

A:Id love to. By the way, why do you call it the Dragon Boat Festival?

B:Because in China, people race dragon boats this day every year.

A:Oh, I see. 58

B:You are welcome.

A. We Chinese usually eat rice dumplings this day.

B. I hate eating rice dumplings.

C. Thank you for your rice dumplings.

D. I dont think so.

E. Would you like to have one?

F. Already?

G. How about you?

Ⅵ. 书面表达/Writing(15分)

请以“How Does the Computer Change Our Life”为题写一篇英语短文。




Ⅶ. 教学设计/Teaching plan(10分)


1. 能够听、说、读、写单词和词组[family,grandfather,grandma,son,daughter,parent(s),wife,husband]。

2. 能够听、说、读名词所有格s及have的第三人称单数用法has。

3. 能够看懂family tree并介绍自己或者别人的家庭。



49. watch50. write51. herself52. lucky53. allowed


54. F[解析] 根据上下文,此处应用“Already?”表示惊讶,意为“已经16号了吗”。

55. A[解析] 根据生活常识可知,端午节中国人要吃粽子,又因为下一句提到了“rice dumplings”,故选A项。

56. G[解析] 根据下一句的答语“I didnt.”可知此句应选G项。

57. E[解析] 根据下一句的答语“Id love to.”可知此句应选E项。

58. C[解析] 根据下一句的答语“You are welcome.”可知此句应选C项。


One possible version:

How Does the Computer Change Our Life

With the development of science and technology, people depend more and more heavily on the computer. Then how does the computer affect our life?

On the one hand, it can be very helpful to people who need it and treat it correctly. The computer can broaden our knowledge about the world. It can also help us learn more about many fields of study quickly: science, medicine, arts and so on. It is very convenient for people who are busy with their jobs, and has brought about many positive changes in our lives.

On the other hand, the computer may bring about some negative changes. For example, many children become so addicted to computer games that they stay up late frequently and even neglect their studies. Another disadvantage is that computers radiation is harmful to peoples eyes, especially to childrens.

Just as every coin has two sides, computer has advantages and disadvantages. I think that if we can overcome its negative effects, we can bring it into full play.


One possible version:

Teaching methods

利用课前准备好的全家福放大照片让学生看,导出句型Whats this?Its a picture of my family. Can I see it? OK.然后让学生拿出自己准备好的全家福进行练习。

利用准备好的Jims Family Tree图表投影片,边指图表,边示范介绍表示家庭成员关系的生词:family,brother,sister,father,mother,son,daughter,mum,dad,grandfather,grandmother,wife,husband.并在此过程中介绍名词所有格,然后引导学生进行练习。

Teaching procedures

1.Topic: (1) Whos on duty today?

(2) How are you?

(3) Whats your name?

(4) How many people are there in your family?

(5) Who are they?

Teacher talks freely with some students.

2.Test. 出示课件

Answer the following questions.

Jim, Kate and their father and mother

Is this Jim? Whos this? Whos that? Who are they? Father and mother?

Teacher points to thire pictures and ask students.

3. Presentation

Showing the picture: Jims Family Tree

Point to the picture and say “this is a family”.

Ask: Whose family? Help Ss understand “Jims family tree”.

Teacher points to each person in the picture in turn and asks:

Who is this? (This is Jim Green.)

Who is she? (She is Kate Green. Shes Jims sister.)

Who is that man? (He is Jeff Green. He is Jims father.)

Who is that woman? (She is Helen Green. She is Jims mother.)

Who are Jeff and Helen? (They are Jims parents.)

Who are Jean and Helen? (They are Jims grandma and grandpa.)

Who is Jim? (…son)

Who is Kate? (…daughter )

Teacher may help Ss answer.


4. Practice: Students look at “Jims family tree”.

Ask and answer in pairs.

让3名学生到前面,指图随意问班上的任何同学几个问题。( like the teacher )

Play the tape of part 1 for the students and let them read after the tape.

Students read part 1 by themselves.



Parent→father or mother

Parents→father and mother

Get the Ss try to draw “their own family trees”.

Ask several Ss to introduce them.

5. Read: Ss listen. Play the tape in the usual way. Give the students a chance to practise reading aloud as a large group and to their parents.

Then ask a few individuals to read aloud to the class.

6. Practice

Get the students to work in pairs to write questions about the reading in part 2, One third of the class can write questions about the first part of the paragraph, another third about the middle and the last third about the end. After they have had a chance to prepare, get the students to read their questions aloud one by one. The rest of the class can give the answers.

7.Exercises in class

8. Homework

Learn the new words by heart.

9. The design of the blackboard

Lesson 33

1. a picture of…familydaughter[]

2. Jims sistersonfather

3. Kates brothermotherbrother

4. the name of Jims sistersisterdadmum

grandfather grandmother husband wife








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